Pastor Peter Lee

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A Mentor of Our Era, Peter Lee

Rev. Dr. Peter Lee is the most famous preacher among Korean ministers. The reason is because he interprets the Bible in an easy and clear manner for people to apply the principles in life. Many viewers are being influenced by his sermons. Rev. Dr. Peter Lee’s sermons provide in-depth analyses to actual problems in life and answers to the most asked but unsolved questions. His clear and detailed solutions are provided to easily apply in daily life. Rev. Dr. Peter Lee’s messages are recognized as providing the truth to both Christians and non-Christians. Samsung, a global corporation, named Rev. Dr. Peter Lee as the “mentor of this era”. Ministers, Christians, non-Christians and even people of other religions said their lives changed after hearing Rev. Dr. Peter Lee’s sermons and lectures and are making requests to Christian broadcasting stations for more sermons and lectures. Feedback is also coming to the Peter Lee Ministry with phone calls and letters.

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• Profile
– Chairman of the “Peter Lee ministry”
– Sermon and Lecturer of Christian Broadcasting Companies ( Korea : CTS, CBS, GOOD TV, C Channel  /  Japan : Better Life TV )
– The author of “Pastor Peter Lee’s The Bread of Heaven”, “Pastor Peter Lee’s Letter of Love” ( “Picture Column” of Christian Broadcasting )
–  Missionaries in Japan

• Education
– Korea University, Seoul (B.S.)
– Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul (B.A./Th. M.)
– Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA. USA (D.min.)

• Representative Lecture
– “Pastor Peter Lee’s clear and mind-blowing Lecture”

• Writing Works
– “The Foundation of Lost Faith 1
– In the World, there are not only Korea, USA but also Heaven” : awarded “Kookmin Daily Mission Award 2013”
– “Pastor Peter Lee’s the Bread of Heaven”