We Believe

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What We Believe

The Confession of Faith of the Peter Lee Ministry follows that of the Methodist Church. The Methodist Church received royal permission by king Gojong in 1884 at the end of the Joseon Period. With the integration of the Methodist Church in America and South Methodist Episcopal Church, the first general assembly was held in 1930 to proclaim a ‘religious doctrine’. It was revised in 1997 and continues to this day. This religious doctrine has been used by our church and the United Methodist Church in America. This doctrine will remain as a historical proclamation of the Methodist Church now and for ever.

We believe in the one true father and God who is the Creator and Sovereign and is holy and merciful.
We believe in Jesus Christ who came to us in the flesh to spread God’s Word. He died on the cross and rose from the dead to become our redemption and savior.
We believe in the Holy Spirit who makes us born again, holy and perfect. He is our comfort and strength.
We believe the Holy Bible resulting from the Holy Spirit is the true rule and guide for faith and practice.
We believe our sins are forgiven by God’s grace to make us holy and we were called to participate in God’s work of salvation.
We believe in the Church which is Christ’s body for worship, fellowship, edification, service, evangelism and mission work.
We believe that all people who share God’s righteousness and love by spreading the Gospel and achieving a world of peace are all brothers among God.
We believe in the Second Coming of Christ, the judgement, resurrection